Lark of the Least

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• I was one of the 80 [out of 400] people who was accepted into The Home School’s upcoming conference in Miami. I’ve started a GoFundMe (which has all the details about THS & why I am fundraising) which as of this update, is [re]mark[ably] at a beastial $666—halfway to the full goal! Please check out the GFM & consider donating—there’s lots of fabulous rewards, many donated from wonderful poets & publishers.

• Powerhouse Amy King recently had a tenure at Poetry Foundation’s blog, Harriet, for a month, and I was able to participate in a “young poets” forum she curated (also check out all the other fabulous posts she wrote!). I’m still glowing that I had the opportunity to be alongside such brilliant minds in the fleshly titled “Young Poets Bare All: What Is a Culture?”.

• My chapbook, Pocket Monsters, was a finalist for The Atlas Review‘s inaugural season of their new chapbook series.

• YellowJacket Press, one of the only chapbook publishers in Florida (and who put out my first poetry chapbook!) is celebrating their 10-year anniversary. One of the ways they are doing this is by publishing an anthology called Glass Bottom Sky: 10 Years of YellowJacket Press. Two poems from my YJP chap, Night Errands, will be reappearing alongside an entirely new poem called “The Fisherman.” Keep an eye on for more information on ordering this upcoming anthology!

Adult Mag + The Atlas Review + BORT Quarterly + Popsickle 2015

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O it has been a minute!

* I have a new story online @ the sensuous, #NSFW Adult (under “Bedtime Stories,” hehe). Their print issues are BEAUTIFUL, and there is no other mag out there exploring contemporary erotics from such a smart, well-designed angle as Adult. Please consider purchasing one of their print issues—they’re gorgeous!

* I have two deathy, apocalypsy poems (“CYOA” + “Phantasmagoria”) on Q1 2015 of BORT Quarterly.

* Issue #5 of The Atlas Review is fresh off the printers & features three of my ‘monster’ poems. Get ’em while they’re hot. & that cover art! How it pops! Pinkened muse spreading jelly on onions = the best $10 you’ll ever spent.

* POPSICKLE is happening again (!!!) Six years of being such a literary festoon. I’ll be in Brooklyn for a lil bit this summer, so come say hi.


It’s 2015 and Here Are Things

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Here are some miscellaneous wonders that I never posted about but heyyy:

⚫ My poem “Cantica” will be included in the 2015 edition of Best American Experimental Writing.

An interview I did with Apogee about the poems they published & beyond

“Point/Counterpoint: Reading from Smartphones” cheekiness @ Real Pants

⚫ I will be at AWP in April & I’ll be caking in a very dragtastic reading: Embawdied Lit

⚫ I’ll also be participating in an off-site event about creating & maintaining liberatory space via Apogee (alongside Belladonna*, Litmus, Counterpath and more)

⚫ I’ll have some poems in an upcoming issue of the gorgeous POWDER KEG Magazine so keep ya eyes on those icebergs

Apogee IV, Mental Marginalia, and The Atlas Review

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The Atlas Review

I’m delighted to have a couple of poems in the new Issue Four of APOGEE.

On December 9th, I’ll be reading in Brooklyn at Mental Marginalia’s “Decemberalia” reading with Cynthia Cruz, Peter Milne Greiner, Keegan Lester and Chelsea Coreen.

The next day, on December 10th, I’ll be reading at The Atlas Review‘s 2nd anniversary reading with a line-up of furies: Keegan Lester, Emily Present, Marie-Helene Bertino, and Cathy Park Hong. I’ll also have a few poems in their fifth issue sooo keep an eye [or two] out!