“Days After” in LEVELER


Where we might expect sympathy, Scott delivers cruelty. Confusing the scene even further is the description of “the building burst[ing] like a ballerina,” and injured bystanders with skin torn “open as a hymnal.”

My poem “Days After” is featured on LEVELER this week alongside some commentary from their editors.

Review of FUNERALS & THRONES in Sabotage

Sabotage Reviews

“From the beginning to the end it is also the ring in which the fate of his poetry is to be fought for.”

“The poems are littered with incredibly unfashionable references (think Bacchus, Babylon, and fishwives) as the seabed is littered with amphorae, but Scott is probably right to see the beauty in these forgotten, encrusted tropes.”

“The more you read Scott, the easier it is to see the doubt under the faith, the revulsion inside the desire. As if to acknowledge this tension, and to explain it, he has written one of the most convincing recent poetical apologias. It is unsurpassable in its #sorrynotsorry earnestness…”

Full review here.

POPSICKLE 5 is This Weekend

Popsickle Five

Niina & I have been hard at work coordinating Popsickle’s fifth year—and it’s coming up on this Saturday and Sunday (28th & 29th)! It will be a two-day event this year, with both events happening in DUMBO. Saturday is our usual day-long reading, held this year at Forgotten Works Studio. Sunday will be a closing reading at Berl’s Poetry Shop. Check out the schedule on Popsickle’s site for all the juicy info on readers & series that will be joining us this year.

Hope to see you there! XO

No Dear #13 Debris & Popsickle Festival 2014

No Dear Issue 13 CoverJD Scott Reading for No Dear

No, Dear‘s Issue #13 launch was a stunning event. I felt dizzied & dazzled to read in such good company. Issue 12 & 13 can be bought as part of a package subscription with the Paypal button on the bottom of their site.

• Niina & I have been hard at work coordinating POPSICKLE again this year. Check out our newly updated website as we begin to reveal all the tasty information about this year’s readers.

• Also keep an eye on LEVELER. My poem “Days After” (in the same apocalyptic family as “Tribulation”) will be featured on their site some time soon—very excited about this!