A little life with dried tubers.

• National Poetry Month! Today my poem “Tribulation” is up on Flavorwire for their NPM14 daily feature.

•  Also, my little poem “Meme” will be in No, Dear‘s upcoming issue: DEBRIS. They make beautiful hand-made issues, so I’m incredibly excited to be part of one! I’ll be reading at the release party at La Sala on May 16th. Watch their site for more details

30xLace is back again for another 30 days of NPM. Follow them on Tumblr for a new poem every day!

AWP and Everything After


It’s almost April, which means it’s probably a little late to be writing about AWP14. My guppy brain has squished all the details together anyway, but here’s a few snapshots from a delicious week in Seattle. One of the best parts—of course, besides attending readings of friends & writers I admire—is purchasing perhaps way too many books. & not just at the fair! I fell in love with all the book stores in the city, especially Mercer Street Books, a wonderful used book store in Lower Queen Anne near where I was staying.

New purchases have inspired some fiendish reading. Here are some new & less new reads that I adored recently:

Fun Home ▿ Alison Bechdel
Even Though I Don’t Miss You ▿ Chelsea Martin
Dork Swagger ▿ Steven Karl
Take Care Fake Bear Torque Cake ▿ Heidi Lynn Staples
Undressing ▿ Nicole Steinberg
▿ All Hopped Up on Fleshy Dumdums ▿ Lara Glenum
▿ Shell of an Egg in an Effort ▿ Anne Marie Rooney

Birds of Lace Kickstarter

& lastly (& most importantly!)…Birds of Lace, who published Funerals & Thrones last year, is running a Kickstarter to support its 2014 season of chapbooks and/or letterpress broadsides by Niina Pollari, Lucas de Lima, LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, Danielle Pafunda, Christine Shan Shan Hou and more! Also, I’m going to be helping out with some book design & layout, so please consider donating to one of the most beautiful punk micro presses around!

Future Readings in 2014


I’ll be heading to AWP a month from now & doing an off-site event: Thresholds With Nick Flynn, Kerry Cohen, Jean Kim, JD Scott & Jessica Hendry NelsonWednesday, February 26, 2014, 7:00pm-PSTthis reading has moved to Saturday, March 1, 2:00-4:00pm-PST (and to a new venue!).

Fred Wildlife Refuge
128 Belmont Ave East
Seattle, WA. 98102

Sole Repair Shop
1001 East Pike
Seattle, Washington 98122

Birds of Lace is resurrecting/printing a limited # of special editions of FUNERALS & THRONES, so I’ll have a few on me if you were unable to grab a copy before it sold out.

I’ll also be reading for Birds of Lace at the 4th Annual New York City Poetry Festival in late July. Save the date!

The Pinch

Also—I received the Fall 2013 issue of The Pinch that I’m in—and it looks gor-geo-us. Get it here.

10 of My Favorite Poetry Books in 2013

Whoops! I’ve been pretty sparse with updates these past couple of months since I’ve returned from the tour. All is quiet on the East Coast front.



But! I have a list of 10 of my favorite poetry books from this year up on Flavorwire today. Like I’ve said elsewhere—this is not a list of finality. I also *LOVED* Lara Glenum’s POP CORPSE, Carina Finn’s LEMON WORLD, Tytti Heikkinen’s THE WARMTH OF THE TAXIDERMIED ANIMAL, Marisa Crawford’s 8TH GRADE HIPPIE CHIC and many, many others. Check out some of these wonderful books & if you have any stockings that need stuffing—consider buying a copy—the small presses would love your support. XO

Mid-October Update

Lucky Funeral Tour

Whoops! Haven’t updated the ole site in a month. A few orders of bees-i-ness:

▼ I moved the listings of upcoming events I’ll be at into its own ‘Events’ page.
▼ Most of the current events are the Lucky Funeral tour, which we’ve been preparing for! Please peep our tour Tumblr to see all the awesome book shops, reading series and salons we’ll be reading at as we cruise down the East Coast. I’ll probably be doing lots of tour recaps over there and possibly will also share them on here.
▼ I wrote about dissent and bias for the Editor’s Corner over at VIDA: Women in Literary Arts from my perspective as Moonshot‘s editor.